Going global? Best practices for preparing and managing expansion

Insights Session at CIPD Annual Conference & Exhibition 2022

In today’s global world, companies are expanding beyond their borders—setting up sites worldwide to better serve customers and business needs. However, going global comes with unique challenges, including adhering to local laws and regulations, creating a cohesive culture, language barriers, and more. 

Listen to Ze’ev Rozov, the COO of HiBob, share his insights on how the C-suite, board members, and investors think about these processes as you deal with these challenges. 

  • How can you prepare for and manage global expansion to ensure employee engagement and retention? 
  • What tools can you use to help automate and localize processes easily? 
  • What unique challenges or opportunities should you be prepared for?

Watch this popular session now and get prepared to tackle the challenges of expanding beyond your local borders.