Watch on-demand: “Gen Z – tips to retain, engage, and captivate new talent” event


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It’s never been more important to attract and retain the best new talent. But what really motivates Gen Z professionally? How are these preferences are impacting current business strategies? What can HR professionals do to attract and retain this new generation of “digital natives”? 

Watch on-demand footage from our live event, where we presented our unique survey data (collected from 2,000 young tech workers) to provide innovative new insights about Gen Z’s impact on the future of work. 

We heard from VIP invited panelists: 

  • Cecilia Sion (Account Executive, HiBob)
  • Lior Ashkenazi (Group Director Partners, Globalization Partners)
  • Tracy Vilanova (Partner Engagement Manager, Recruitee)
  • Astrid Wegner Hausken (Director of Human Resources, Movella
  • Kim Jansen (Trainer, Speakers Academy)

Our keynote and panel discussions are available to watch for free here.