Filling the talent gap - Sharon Steiner
Sharon Steiner
Filling the talent gap - Zoe Haimovitch
Zoe Haimovitch
Senior Director of Content Experience

We can’t ignore that employees have been quitting their jobs in record numbers. The modern workplace is transforming, and HR leaders and hiring managers must adjust and align with the market to reduce turnover and grow. 

To understand how companies are dealing with the Great Resignation in the wake of the COVID pandemic, HiBob, in partnership with Fiverr Business, conducted research by surveying over 1,000 US-based HR leaders and hiring managers about the current state of their company’s workforce. 

HiBob teamed up with Fiverr to present key findings from our latest research. We also covered:

  • Why employees are leaving their jobs amid the Great Resignation
  • How to decrease employee turnover
  • Tips for increasing productivity in the workplace

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