Watch on-demand: Workforce Planning Demo - Justin Siu
Justin Siu
Implementation Manager
Watch on-demand: Workforce Planning Demo - Casey Gibson
Casey Gibson
Senior Sales Engineer

Companies are constantly evolving and changing their strategic plans due to internal needs, market forces, and more.

Whether you’re adding a new product line or service, expanding into new markets and geographies, or going through a reorganisation, these changes will directly impact your company’s staffing needs. A strategic workforce planning framework will help you get the most out of your current workforce while preparing for future changes.

In this session, we’ll introduce you to Bob’s newest module, Workforce Planning. We’ll cover:

  • The challenges that mid-sized companies face with their workforce planning processes
  • Benefits of streamlined headcount management
  • Workforce people analytics that give true insights for scaling or reorganising your business for success
  • Bringing your finance and executive teams together for streamlined workforce planning, with all the key stakeholders onboard

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