Demo webinar: Performance and goals management with Bob - Albin Orlander
Albin Orlander
Account Executive

Performance reviews are no longer a once-a-year item to check off your to-do list—the need for continuous feedback is here to stay. Employees want to know where they stand when it comes to career growth within an organization. HR leaders and managers need to take an active role in transforming the performance review process to develop their employees and set them up for success. When done right, performance management can support and motivate employees, enhance productivity in their goals, and enable them to perform at their absolute best. 

Watch our latest on-demand webinar to learn how Bob is reimagining performance management and goal setting. We’ll dive into key features of the Bob platform that will help you:

  • Collect peer and manager feedback for each employee 
  • Put your people’s professional development first with goal setting
  • Track results and connect the dots when it comes to making the right people decisions


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