Demo: Culture-focused onboarding with Bob - Alex Coates
Alex Coates
Account Executive

Your company culture not only articulates the ethos of a company, it also outlines how people interact, collaborate, and produce within the workplace.

Introducing your company culture should start from recruiting and move into a successful and enriching onboarding journey. Companies that don’t actively manage culture will struggle with employee engagement and retention later in the employee lifecycle. 

Watch the demo to learn how Bob is helping HR teams across the world create a smooth, successful, and enriching onboarding journey. We’ll dive into key features of the Bob platform that will help you:

  • Make onboarding simpler (and more exciting) than ever
  • Communicate company culture
  • Create a culture of inclusivity with open communication and recognition
  • Make remote hires feel connected
  • Manage all employee docs in one place
  • Track results and connect the dots when it comes to making the right people decisions


Watch the webinar


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