Webinar: Creating a productive and secure work-from-home experience


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The world of work has changed quickly, and probably forever. We’re creating new best practices for this “new normal” every day, and one of our big struggles is how to thrive in this new working, confusing environment.

HR teams are working overtime to create an engaging and secure work environment from home, especially for newer employees. How can you securely onboard a new employee from home? What resources and tools do new hires need when WFH? What does an engaging and inclusive WFH environment look like?

HiBob, the world’s premier people management platform, alongside OneLogin, the world’s leader in OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform, is here to help.

Hear leading industry experts, as well as your peers at some of today’s culture-leading companies, share tips on:

  • Creating a secure, engaging and personalized onboarding flow for new employees remotely
  • Ensuring HR, IT, hiring managers, and new employees are set up for success in a fully-remote environment
  • Setting milestones and goals to gauge productivity and efficiency for dispersed global teams

In this new world of work, figuring out how to get your people what they need in a productive and secure environment is paramount to their success. Let us help!