Webinar: Creating a winning compensation strategy


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With the world in chaos and most teams still distributed, it might not seem like the time to kick off a complicated compensation process. We, however, respectfully disagree.

Research shows that compensation strategy is a vital part of human resource management and a key element in improving morale and recruiting and retaining top talent.

That being said, the current realities of work-from-home life have raised several key questions when it comes to building a solid and scalable comp and benefit strategy, such as:

  • How should a modern company navigate merit-based increases and annual salary reviews in times of economic turmoil?
  • For those whose roles have changed over the last six months, how should that impact their salary and compensation?
  • What are non-monetary ways to incentivize employees and help empower their growth and development within your company?

HiBob, the world’s premier people management platform, is here to help. 

Hear Claudia Ginex, Director of People from Gaming Innovation Group, and Khatidja Tjon-Atsoi, Corporate HR Officer from New Motion share tips on:

  • Navigating the new normal’s impact on organization-wide compensation
  • Creating compensation and benefit programming that helps retain your best employees in troubled times
  • How to ensure you’re maintaining fairness, equity, and inclusivity when creating a compensation and benefits strategy

Plus, see an exclusive sneak peek at HiBob’s brand new compensation management module, built exclusively for today’s most culture-focused modern companies.