Webinar: Building your company culture remotely: Help employees thrive from home


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The world of work has changed—quickly, and probably forever. We’re creating new best practices for this “new normal” every day, and one of our big struggles is how to block out the noise and thrive in this new working environment.

HR teams are working hard to adjust to a world where employees are across cities, not desks, especially in a time of crisis. How can you support employees and their families during a pandemic? How can you maintain productivity? How can you present and strengthen your culture?

And, most importantly, will work ever be fun again?

HiBob, alongside Teamtailor, the all-in-one recruitment platform, are here to help. We work together with some of the fastest-growing companies in the world who are renowned for their amazing culture, even in a remote environment.

Chris Brown from Zenjob, Sejal Khetani from SR Group, Steve Usher from 5ive.studio and Tina Sörqvist, People Gigger based in Stockholm share tips for:

  • Driving employee engagement across global remote teams
  • Sharing your culture and values with recruits and new hires
  • Creating remote-specific HR programming designed to cultivate an inclusive and fun work culture

You and your team aren’t in this alone. The world of work has changed for everyone, but amidst the pandemonium, there’s light—and plenty of work to be done. Let us help!

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