Pay transparency: Going beyond compliance - Laetitia Moncarz
Laetitia Moncarz
Global Head of Payments
Papaya Global
Pay transparency: Going beyond compliance - Sarah Reynolds
Sarah Reynolds
Pay transparency: Going beyond compliance - Jessica Zwaan
Jessica Zwaan
Chief Operating Officer at Whereby
Author of "Built for People: Transform Your Employee Experience Using Product Management Principles"

As we approach the end of 2023, workforce planning and budgeting for 2024 is already a priority for HR professionals. Fostering a culture of transparency provides efficiency in financial forecasting. But, for many, pay transparency is seen as an expensive, technical process.

Yet, in reality, there is great untapped opportunity around transparency for companies. So, what does it mean to establish, communicate, and report pay transparency effectively within your organisation? 

Watch the webinar on-demand to learn more from an expert panel, with speakers from HiBob, Whereby, and Papaya Global. The webinar will cover how to:

💡Create transparency throughout your organization and drive strategic forecasting
💡Harness pay transparency to foster a culture of fairness and equity, retain and attract top talent, and drive business results
💡Assess your current compensation practices, identify disparities, and implement transparent pay structures
💡Accurately budget, anticipate additional costs, and streamline processes 
💡Report pay data and global payment processing, ensuring compliance with legal requirements
💡Recognize current blockers of payroll payment visibility for a complex and global workforce

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