Best practices for engaging Gen Z with Bob


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Best practices for engaging Gen Z with Bob - Ian Ellahee
Ian Ellahee
Customer Success Director HiBob
Best practices for engaging Gen Z with Bob - Heath Buck
Heath Buck
Chief People Officer Atomos
Best practices for engaging Gen Z with Bob - Will Smith
Will Smith
Manager of Sales Engineering, EMEA HiBob

Meet Gen Z, a new generation of workers with new workplace motivations, expectations, and preferences. Did you know that these people will make up 30 percent of the workforce by 2030? Yet, 34 percent of them report significant levels of dissatisfaction at work and intend to leave their jobs within two years—even without another job lined up?

Save your seat as we explore how businesses can better engage and retain their Gen Z workforce by supporting their ambitions for clear professional growth paths, providing cultures of inclusivity and belonging, and creating opportunities for relationship building. We’ll hear from Heath Buck, CPO at Atomos, and learn how the Bob platform can help HR professionals and managers support their Gen Z workforce with:

●      Talent retention

●      Diversity and Inclusion

●      Culture

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