Avoiding turnover and improving the employee experience Webinar


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Employee turnover is an entirely normal part of business. There’s a multitude of reasons an employee may choose to leave an organization—onboarding, culture, management—but the common denominator? Employee experience.

Now throw in a pandemic, and the switch to working remotely, and a whole new host of challenges and employee experience takes center stage. So, how can you ensure your employee experience translates to remote work and reduces employee turnover?

Hear Nirit Peled-Muntz, Chief People Officer at HiBobSamuel Ruiz, HR Manager at Optimity and Sophie Ward, People Manager at Amido discuss:

  1. Tips for translating your company culture from in-office to remote work 
  2. How to plan for career development and progression from home 
  3. Key methods to monitoring your employees’ wellbeing
  4. How to plan for a smooth and seamless remote offboarding process