Ask us anything about the hybrid model


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The hybrid model is the future of work. Combining working from home and working from the office, it gives employees, managers, and HR the ability to build a unique system that works for everyone. 

Yet, it’s not that simple. Combining two working styles—and workplaces—is challenging, and every function has its own important role to play. We want to help HR pros navigate these new challenges, so we scheduled an Ask Us Anything session about making the hybrid model work for your workplace, as well as to dispel some common misunderstandings about how to be effective in a rapidly-evolving working environment.

Hear Jessica Hayes, VP People at Whereby, Letica Castro Carrion, Head of People and Culture at Lingokids, Eva Yvonne Dang, People and Culture Manager at Order Yoyo and Siobhan Harvey, HR Business Partner at The SR Group share tips on:

  1. Adjusting the hybrid model to your team’s needs
  2. Accommodating for different kinds of workers and schedules
  3. What you need to know about your employees before designing a hybrid model
  4. How you can prepare a hybrid workplace
  5. What the workplace will look like post-Covid