The world of work is undergoing a significant transformation. This is marked by a technological shift and the need for leaders to formulate actionable, data-driven, and unbiased business strategies. Although HR tools already offer an increased access to employee data, HR still needs to understand how to use it to convey business impact. “Data literacy” is not only about creating value, but also about building credibility.

Access our our webinar recording where HiBob’s Rami Tzafrir joins an expert panel, including HR-Tech analyst Anna Carlsson and Teamtailor’s CHRO, Lisa Skinner Källström to discuss strategic HR and the most important people-data metrics including case study examples. We’ll dive into practical tips and look at the sources you should pull your data from, what it reveals, and how you can strategically communicate these insights. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Tell the story behind the data and convey insights to business decision-makers
  • Understand the crucial KPIs that align with your organizational objectives
  • Value the importance of continuously listening to your people, fostering a deeper understanding of your workforce

Recording courtesy One Flow. Watch the recording here!

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