Finding the perfect HRIS

How to choose the best HRIS for your business

There are many HRIS options on the market, each of them offering its own advantages and disadvantages and best serving different types of...

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Save the Children lobby image

How Save the Children Italia modernized performance management and...

Save the Children Italia has grown significantly during the past four years, both in headcount and projects. To support this growth, they wanted to...

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Signs you need a modern HRIS

4 reasons modern businesses need a modern HRIS

Strong company cultures are essential in the modern business world. They increase workplace satisfaction and help attract professionals whose...

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The 5 kinds of HRIS

Types of HRIS systems

As an HR professional looking to save time and gain valuable insights, you know that the ROI on an HRIS system can be sky-high. But knowing which...

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HRIS ROI calculator

HRIS ROI calculator: Is an HRIS worth it?

When you actually do the math, you’ll probably find that the numbers concretely demonstrate that an HRIS is, in fact, worth it. This HRIS ROI...

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Modernize your HR processes

How to solve company growing pains with an HRIS

Implementing a solid HRIS (human resource information system) is more important than ever before. HR leaders now have to find ways to onboard,...

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Platform Overview -

Platform Overview

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Buyer's Guide for HRIS

Buyer’s guide for HRIS

Choose the right HRIS for your needs Change is at the forefront of every company today. As HR leaders, you’re at the epi-center of this...

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4 ways to improve productivity using an HRIS

​​Improving productivity through HRIS

As an HR professional, your day is packed with tasks. From phone interviews with job candidates and filling out benefits paperwork to responding to...

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Why Auror chose Bob to streamline People Experience, from Auckland to Denver - Auror-lobby-image.png

Why Auror chose Bob to streamline People Experience, from Auckland...

Based in Auckland and with additional sites in Melbourne and Denver, Auror wanted to find an HR platform that was truly global and could support...

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Bob 1-on-1 meetings

How to use Bob’s 1-on-1s to empower manager-employee relationships

One-on-one meetings between managers and their direct reports have always been important for aligning expectations and keeping an open line of...

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HiBob partners with 360Learning

HiBob and 360Learning partner to enhance L&D across the...

At HiBob, we believe in taking a people-first approach to every stage of the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding, and from hire to...

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