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Complete talent management system to maximize talent potential

Engage and retain your talent at every stage of the journey.

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Maximize your talent potential for a more resilient and productive workforce

Ideal for dynamic and forward-thinking companies, HiBob saves admin time with automation, elevates talent management strategies, drives efficacy, enhances your people’s experience, and boosts retention and productivity. Transform your HR operations and cultivate a thriving workplace culture.
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Unify journeys

When your people data is all in one place, you can make strategic compensation decisions for a productive working environment—with the right information at the right time. 

Bob’s platform keeps team members informed and engaged, with clarity around the goals they’re working towards.

  • Establish a people-centric culture of transparency from day one, with check-ins at relevant touchpoints to keep momentum going. 
  • Easily manage compensation plans and keep all stakeholders on the same page. Bob takes the complex out of the compensation processall from one intuitive platform. 
  • Connect performance to compensation management, to deliver the kind of data insights that drive strategic decision-making. 
  • Deliver a straightforward and consistent experience for the HR department, managers, and team members alike.


We’ve sliced up the HR journey into how we attract the best talent, onboard them, train and develop them, and take them through the employee lifecycle.
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Drive productivity

Engage and evaluate your workforce with our advanced Core HR and Performance Management tools.

Bob enables you to recognize and nurture your team’s talents continuously, helping to foster a rich culture of growth and achievement. 

With our user-friendly platform,  supporting your team’s productivity is a simple taskmaking sure they feel appreciated and motivated at the same time.

  • Carry out 360-degree performance reviews with Bob’s centralized platform, integrating key information such as goals, achievements, and insights into the review process. 
  • Allow managers to easily view team results with the Performance Mapping tool—and quickly understand team members’ strengths and areas for improvement at a glance.
  • Empower team members and managers with actionable goals that are aligned with both the goals for the department and the company as a whole. This way, your team members can see where they stand and how they contribute.


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Create transparency

Open lines of communication hold managers and team members accountable. 

Carry out focused 1-on-1s, where all the dots are connected and team members are aligned on company goals. Bob’s 1-on-1 tool lets you schedule meetings at the right time to discuss milestones and events, compensation reviews, and any internal changes. 

You can also conduct company surveys to make sure your people feel heard, and their opinions are actioned where appropriate. 

  • Put your 1-on-1s on the calendar by scheduling them as part of task lists. 
  • Establish alignment and collaboration with editable agendas, talking points, and notes, so the conversation is always a two-way street. 
  • Collect insights at specific milestones with Employee Lifecycle Feedback, including post-onboarding, first work anniversary, and exit surveys. 
  • Deep dive into survey results with a heat map feature, eNPS, and topic analysisso the results are clear for the entire group. 



The most customizable talent management system.

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Fuel strategic decisions

Make data-driven decisions that are informed by insights, with accurate analytics.

Bob’s People Analytics offers real-time, cross-platform dataso you can understand the story behind the figures.

  • Track goal progress and overall performance ratings for individual team members so you know where to put effort into training and improvement.
  • Incorporate insights into compensation cycles to guide decisions for bonuses and raises. Take the subjectivity out of compensation decisions and trust the data.
  • Uncover key metrics such as headcount, growth, retention, and absenteeism. This way, you can seamlessly create reports that show hidden blind spots so you can iron out any issues.


Meet Bob. The modern talent management system for modern business.

Discover Bob’s wide range of features designed to fit the modern workplace. From core HR functions to advanced analytics, our talent management platform empowers HR professionals, managers, and team members with intuitive tools for improved insights, engagement, and growth. Elevate your HR with HiBob. See all of Bob’s modern features here
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What is a talent management system?

HR talent management software is a holistic system that helps HR teams and managers make informed decisions, retain talent, develop and engage their people, and maximize their people’s potential. 

How does a talent management system work?

Talent management systems work by empowering leaders with the right tools to manage their people effectively, bring data to validate decisions, allocate resources better, and reward the best people. In today’s world of work, people want to develop and engage at work, and a talent management system can close skill gaps, increase engagement and productivity, and reduce churn.

What are the benefits of a talent management system?

Robust talent management tools empower managers with performance data for informed decision-making, fostering open communication and alignment between managers and employees. This results in improved employee recognition, retention, and productivity, and enables HR to empower managers in making compensation decisions based on performance.

What features are included in Bob's talent management system?

Bob’s talent management system includes company surveys, manager goal tracking, performance mapping, anonymous peer reviews, 1-on1s, dynamic form builder, survey heatmaps, engagement improvement indicators, survey eNPS, goals in compensation, goals in performance reviews, employee lifecycle feedback, upward reviews, and goal dashboards, and there’s more! 

Why choose Bob’s talent management system?

Choose Bob’s talent management system to improve productivity and retention, save on replacement costs, and make strategic compensation and workforce planning decisions. With Bob’s system, you’ll benefit from a modern, forward-thinking solution featuring a user-friendly interface, a wide range of robust features, and a fully customizable system designed to meet the unique and varied needs of your organization.

Learn how Bob can improve your HR processes

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