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Sandbox module Terms of Use

Sandbox module Terms of Use

Last Updated: August 2022

By choosing to subscribe to HiBob’s Sandbox module (as defined below), you hereby acknowledge and agree to the terms stated below, which are in addition and subject to the subscription terms separately agreed by you (the Customer or authorized User, respectively) and HiBob.

The HiBob Sandbox module is a full replication of your Bob account, designed to be an isolated and secure environment where you can experiment with new functionalities and processes, without disturbing your live account. Changes made in the sandbox environment are not reflected in the production environment, and cannot be copied back to production. Please note that private data is copied along with everything else, except for integrations and scheduled reports, as further detailed below.

By using the module you acknowledge and agree that by its nature the Sandbox module will replicate and include all of the Customer Content available on the Bob Platform, including Personal Data of the your employees/Authorized Users. You are solely responsible for complying with any applicable laws and regulations concerning your use of the Sandbox, which may vary between jurisdictions.

Due to the nature of the Personal Data potentially available and processed in the Sandbox module, any use of the Sandbox will be under your sole responsibility and liability, and in no event will HiBob have any responsibility or liability related to your use of the Sandbox and possible data exposures therein. Access to the Sandbox is permission-based, and permissions granted on the Sandbox will potentially expose users in the Sandbox to real live Customer Content and Personal Data, replicated from the production environment.

It is solely your responsibility to ensure that any of the Customer’s Bob Platform’ integrations also connected with the Sandbox, shall be maintained as a sandbox-to-sandbox integration, and not sandbox-to-production as by nature, Sandbox environments and integrations may also affect/alter production data. Please note that you are required to strictly follow HiBob’s instructions regarding integrations, and to assume all liability thereof.

Data in the Sandbox Module shall be retained for a maximum period of 60 days. Following the 60-days period, any Sandbox data not refreshed/replaced with production data, shall be permanently deleted.

Notwithstanding any other provision of the agreement, use of the sandbox module is provided “as-is” and “as-available,” without warranties of any kind and HiBob reserves the right to modify the Sandbox (or any part thereof), either temporarily or permanently, at any time without prior notice.

Customers granted with early beta access to the Sandbox module (Beta Period, as periodically defined by HiBob), hereby acknowledge and agree that during the Beta Period the module (i) is experimental and has not been fully tested; (ii) may not meet Customer’s requirements; (iii) may not be uninterrupted or error free and is for purposes of evaluating and testing the module and providing feedback to HiBob. Beta Period Customer agree to report promptly to HiBob any errors or other deficiencies in the Sandbox module during the Beta Period and will hold all information relating to use and performance of the Sandbox module in strict confidence and not disclose such information to any unauthorized third parties.