New York, US & London, UK – 15 May 2023: HiBob, the company behind Bob, the modern HR platform that powers productivity, engagement and retention, today is proud to announce its Chief People Officer, Nirit Peled Muntz has been named to Mogul’s Top 100 list of People Leaders and CHROs.

Mogul is a talent acquisition and executive search platform that acknowledges, through these awards, individuals making an impact on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in their workplace. They select champions of DEIB who continually implement best practices, invest in and place diverse talent at all levels as well as demonstrate inclusive company initiatives.

HiBob is proud to have a CPO who exemplifies commitment to these values and practices, creating an inclusive workplace where all employees feel appreciated, respected, supported and empowered.

Under Nirit’s leadership, HiBob has achieved a balance of 50% men and women in its staff, with the latter at all levels of seniority. The company offers benefits designed to level the playing field for people from all categories and at different stages of life and career.  An example of one benefit is HiBob’s HiBaby policy which provides additional paid time off for parents. HiBob also offers a flexible hybrid work model,with a work-from-anywhere policy, and 4 Bob Balance days per year, where the entire company disconnects for a long weekend in addition to paid time off as part of HiBob’s commitment to the wellbeing of its workforce.  There is also a Culture Committee that meets regularly to discuss how values can continue to manifest in the workplace.

Nirit remarked: “I’m thrilled to have made this list and indebted to our employees –  the ‘Bobbers’ who work as a village to deliver excellence for our customers day in and day out. They deserve to work in an inclusive, welcoming and equitable environment where they are encouraged and enabled to reach their full potential. From something as simple as being able to display pronouns on the Bob platform, which we ourselves use at HiBob, to ensuring the platform is available in many languages, when it comes to DEI&B, our work is never done. But we do what we say and we stand by our values. This can be seen in our accomplishments.”

Additionally, cultural values of inclusivity are seen in the company’s marketing and advertising, which uses messaging and imagery that depicts the diversity of its customer base, the wider community, together with the use of inclusive language. HiBob also believes that equity in hiring starts with the job description. Using inclusive and empathetic language in job postings and putting each candidate through the same process enables the company to reduce bias and ensure it attracts the broadest, most diverse pool of candidates possible.

“We are proud to have a CPO who is leading the charge and making a difference in the lives of our employees and the broader community. We’re intentional about how we craft DEI&B strategies and empower our leaders to connect a good strategy to the right accountability because DEI&B is not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense,” concluded Ronni Zehavi, CEO at HiBob.

About HiBob

HiBob is on a mission to transform how organizations operate in the modern world of work with its HR platform ‘Bob’. Leading the way for the future workplace, Bob offers resilient, agile technology that wraps all the complexities of HR processes into a game changing, user-friendly tool that touches every employee across the business.

Since 2015, trusted and empowered ‘Bobbers’ from around the world have brought their authentic selves to work, inspired to build the exceptional HR systems that will revolutionize the work experience for HR professionals, managers, and employees. Agile and adaptable, HiBob innovates through continuous learning loops to produce  seismic cultural shifts for companies with dynamic, distributed workforces.

HiBob is used by more than 3000 multinational companies – including Cazoo, Extreme Reach, Fiverr, Happy Socks, Monzo, The&Partnership, and VaynerMedia. Organizations using Bob are able to accelerate hiring, retain the best talent, upskill and elevate employee engagement.

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