The shift to distributed employment coupled with the ongoing ‘war on talent’ has created an unprecedented demand for EoR services

New York, US and Tel Aviv, Israel – 24th October, 2022:  HiBob, the modern HR platform that is delivering remarkable work experiences for dynamic, mid-sized and sub-enterprise businesses and their employees, has reached an important milestone within HiBob Marketplace having built connections with the top 9 Employer of Record (EoR) providers across the globe.  

Deel, RemotePass, Globalization Partners, Oyster, WorkMotion, RemoFirst, Neeyamo, Velocity Global and Omnipresent comprise the full suite of EoRs equipped to help customers expand globally by streamlining international and distributed  hiring, onboarding and HR management regardless of employment contract type. These service providers help companies hire qualified professionals in other countries by managing all of the financial and legal complexities of creating an office or worksite abroad. 

Best-in-class EoRs and ‘bob’ combine to help employers simplify core HR processes, and more. New hire data syncs automatically with any changes reflecting in both systems simultaneously.  It ensures employee information remains accurate at all times, eliminating the need for manual data entry, thereby also reducing the risk of  human error.  Other all-up benefits of using ‘bob’ and EoR partners include seamless management, accurate and real-time global payroll data that can be accessed via the platform’s centralized dashboard. 

Additionally, Bob’s culture and engagement features give your people a sense of belonging whether they are working onsite, hybrid or remote. So, when employees are onboarded in a new company location, they have one central place to engage and collaborate, which increases employee satisfaction and retention. 

“Recent transformation of the workforce has ushered in a new era of remote work and empowered businesses to expand teams across borders. Great talent lives everywhere, so you have to have the right tools to open up your search and find the best fit for your teams – no matter where the candidates may live or which contractual terms they have . ” said Yoav Gur, VP Business Development at HiBob. “But access to different markets requires a deep understanding of national rules and regulations in order  to operate efficiently and compliantly. These partners take on the responsibility of traditional employment processes including payroll and other HR functions, thereby eliminating the need for employers to learn the legal and compliance implications in multiple countries. Bob also helps businesses deliver consistently high employee engagement for a consistently good employee experience regardless of site or terms of their contract.” 

“To truly globalize the workforce, it needs to be just as easy to hire someone across the world as it is locally. HR leaders see value in faster, simpler team management and that’s why we integrated with HiBob to streamline HR and payroll processes and eliminate pain points for managing distributed teams,” said Job van der Voort, CEO and Co-Founder of Remote. “The Remote platform has the most active customer employees among major Employer of Record providers and within the first few days of the integration with HiBob, more than 100 employee profiles were connected. Cross platform integrations will deliver major time and financial savings for organizations, and make it even easier to hire and employ teams beyond their borders.”

It’s still challenging to find skilled talent. By necessity, employers in many industries and geographies are now shifting from the traditional 9-5 schedule to hybrid and remote models both as an incentive and solution to skills shortages. This business model comes with challenges that EoRs are set up to deal with. Moreover the EoR stays updated on the state and local laws, so you businesses never have to worry about learning and complying with laws in multiple places.

“Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of building global teams, “ said Joan Groleau, Vice President, Global Partner Marketing, Globalization Partners. “They also acknowledge that, onboarding a workforce across several geographies creates operational issues that are only worsened by the need to keep employee data synchronized across multiple platforms. The partnership with G-P and HiBob, enables a seamless end-to-end experience for customers while minimizing costs and risk.” 

With the rise of remote work trends, global EoRs are poised to be a vital part of the global employment ecosystem for companies that want to hire anyone, anywhere. 

About HiBob

HiBob is on a mission to transform how organizations operate in the modern world of work with its HR platform ‘Bob’.  Leading the way for the future workplace, Bob offers resilient, agile technology that wraps all the complexities of HR processes into a game changing, user-friendly tool that touches every employee across the business.

Since 2015, trusted and empowered ‘Bobbers’ from around the world have brought their authentic selves to work, inspired to build the exceptional HR systems that will revolutionize the work experience for HR professionals, managers, and employees. Agile and adaptable, HiBob innovates through continuous learning loops to produce seismic cultural shifts for companies with dynamic, distributed workforces.

HiBob is used by more than 2,500 multinational companies – including Cazoo, Hopin, Monzo, Happy Socks, Fiverr, and VaynerMedia. Organizations using Bob are able to accelerate hiring, retain the best talent, upskill and elevate employee engagement.

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