From a manual, legacy system to a cutting-edge digital HR platform 

Hamilton, New Zealand and London, UK -13 March 2024:  HiBob, the modern HR platform that is delivering remarkable work experiences for dynamic, mid-sized businesses and their employees, is delighted to announce that Gallagher has selected HiBob’s next-generation HCM Bob to create one global single source of truth.

The rationale behind implementing Bob was to get access to important people data quickly and easily, going beyond basic administrative information and gain richer insights for informed decision-making. The organisation also sought to boost productivity through automation.

Gallagher is a privately held company, proudly powering innovative security and animal management technology solutions from New Zealand to the world. Founded in 1938 in Hamilton, its solutions are available in 160 countries. Over 85 years later, it is still headquartered there and now has a team of 1300 people globally, working with customers, partners, and communities delivering on its promise: to protect what matters most. 

“People automation goes beyond simplifying tasks; it assists leaders and organisations in generating greater value. When people professionals approach the transition to digital tools with care, they enhance the efficiency of work, particularly for employees. This not only increases workplace satisfaction but also aligns with smart business practices, ultimately resulting in improved productivity,” says Sam Bester, Group People Operations Lead at Gallagher.

The transformation at Gallagher includes the adoption of Core HR technology, Compensation and Talent modules which offer an engaging information system for employees and managers alike. Emphasising user-friendliness, Gallagher sought a system easy for employees to use, featuring a single sign-on solution for seamless access to all people services. Additionally, the system provides managers and leaders with a comprehensive 360-degree view of their teams, supporting better decision-making and leadership.

Sam concludes: “Bob caught our attention with its colourful, warm and user-friendly interface that practically navigates itself. When our team tested it in a sandbox environment, even though it was a trial, we eagerly anticipated the daily kudos and workflow notification messages every morning. It was both engaging and refreshing. We were pleased that HiBob valued our feedback and made improvements based on it. The support is noticeably excellent, making it feel like a top-tier partnership between two global performers that heralds great things are yet to come.” 

Ronni Zehavi, CEO at HiBob said:“Many companies struggle with outdated, manual processes that lack the necessary information to understand employees’ needs, especially in multinational or multi-site organisations that also have diverse or flexible work models. We’re so happy that the people at Gallagher found in Bob a centralised solution which meets all their requirements. We are beyond delighted to be chosen as their HR tech partner and are eager to continue helping them experience the positive impact of a people-centric HR platform.”

About Gallagher

The Gallagher story started over 85 years ago when a horse called Joe took too much of a liking to using a car as a scratching post and founder Bill Gallagher Senior scratched his head for a solution.

He devised a cunning electrical circuit that delivered a pulse whenever the horse rocked the vehicle. This quickly stopped the horse from scratching – and sparked the idea for his electric fence solution.

This was in the 1930s. Today, Gallagher delivers innovative tech solutions across the security and animal management industries. The company’s tech protects palaces to prisons, wildlife parks to dairy farms, government sites to global headquarters, and much more.

The company is committed to giving back to the communities it operates in – with sponsorship ranging from the arts to sports, education to healthcare, and much more.

About HiBob

HiBob is at the forefront of HR innovation, transforming the way organizations operate in the modern world of work with its award-winning HCM Bob. Its modular approach caters to the needs of multinational companies seeking agile technology and robust analytics to support operations across distributed workforces in the ever-evolving economic and workplace landscape. Companies using Bob are able to accelerate hiring, retain the best talent, upskill and elevate employee experience.

More than 3,600 global businesses serving hundreds of thousands employees worldwide  –  including Uala, The Josh Bersin Company Fiverr, The&Partnership, and VaynerMedia – appreciate its ease of use, high configurability and the ability to customize based on business requirements. The platform’s high adaptability and focus on people engagement and community creation are seen in its consumer-grade user interface, providing easy access to HR processes while fostering engagement.

Awarded one of the best places to work in 2023, HiBob’s global team of “Bobbers”come together to build the exceptional in an inclusive and empowering culture. For more information about HiBob, visit