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Founded in 2009, Talos360 has established itself as a market leader in talent attraction, candidate management and employee engagement. As one of the fastest-growing people tech businesses in the UK, our proprietary talent tech includes Talos ATS, our advanced hiring software, and Talos Engage, our workforce analytical tool, offering businesses a better way to attract, hire, onboard, and retain the best teams to thrive & grow.

Talos360 has developed a unique talent operating system which allows in-house recruiters to deliver the ideal candidate journey and put the candidate first. Our intuitive hiring solutions save time and money for your HR team, while offering a deeper analytical understanding of the workforce, promoting effective, data-driven hiring decisions to help achieve business growth.

Key Features:

  • Integrated job board multi-poster
  • Onboarding suite
  • Candidate assessments
  • Video-interviewing
  • Background checks including right-to-work checks
  • Career site builder

A game-changing new integration for Talos360, integrating HiBob HRIS with Talos ATS revolutionises recruitment and candidate management by allowing for the seamless transfer of key candidate data between systems and allowing users to build an employee record in their HiBob portal directly from Talos ATS.

How does this integration work:

This integration will allow the transfer of candidate core data, including first name and email address, which will form the candidate profile and offer details taken from Talos ATS, including start dates. This eliminates the need for manual data entry across multiple platforms, reducing the potential for human error whilst increasing efficiency.

Key benefits:

  • A safe and secure means of transferring data to HR platforms
  • Automated data transfers between Talos ATS and HiBob streamlines onboarding and reduces manual intervention. ​
  • A smooth data transfer between systems contributes to a positive candidate experience

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