Partner Overview

SwagUp offers in-house merchandise or “swag” fulfillment capabilities with a 60K+ square foot facility in the US + partner facilities abroad. They offer a powerful swag management platform, plus an API to create, automate and distribute swag globally at scale.

SwagUp only charges for swag, shipping and storage. They do not have a contract fee, design fee or platform fee and offer unlimited seats to use the platform for all of your swag needs. Their incredible team offers in-house Quality Control, Kitting, Inventory Management and Global Distribution.

And SwagUp is growing – fast! In under 5 years, SwagUp has more than 5,000 customers, from startups to some of the largest companies in the world.


Key features:

  • An end-to-end servicing model from strategy to concept to delivery.
  • Dedicated and integrated team – tech, creative, product, operations and logistics.
  • US + Global Capability with over 250 people in the US and China dedicated to your projects.
  • Powerful swag management platform we offer redeem pages and storefronts to manage orders, production, fulfillment, logistics and warehousing capabilities.
  • Quick-turn or fully branded custom options with a new world of brand-relevant merchandise.


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Automate your company swag distribution without having to leave the HiBob platform!

Through Zapier, you can select what triggers in the HiBob platform to automatically create an action in your SwagUp account.

When a new employee joins your company, do you want to send them a specific swag product? Boom… automated! When a new employee is created in HiBob, do you want that person to get created as a contact in SwagUp too? Done! Save yourself time and improve employee engagement by automating the swag distribution process.


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