Partner Overview

Recruitee by Tellent is a collaborative hiring software that provides hiring teams with all the tools they need to hire the best people by bringing hiring teams together, boosting sourcing efforts, automating the hiring process, and evaluating candidates effectively.

With Recruitee, you can save 64% of your time by automating manual tasks in your recruitment process and save up to 12 hours a week with automated actions throughout your workflow and templates for recurring tasks.

By using the Recruitee by Tellent integration with Bob, customers can:

  • Create a new hire from Candidate info
  • Automatically match Candidate fields to Bob Employee fields
  • Pull in CV & other documents into Bob Docs

Key integration benefits include:

  • Seamless experience: An easy transition between platforms.
  • Less manual work: No need to enter that candidate’s information more than once.
  • Easy integration: Set up this integration with just a few clicks.

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