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Employee engagement, communication and benefit platform, that helps improve Employee retention in mid to large companies. Personalized employee benefits in international marketplace with thousand items. Insightful analytics helping manage and reduce company costs for compensation and benefits.

MELP all-in-one Employee app is easy way to reach multi-language teams in mid and large companies, covering both employee engagement and benefits. Integration with gidt voucher marketplace and in-app payments allows flexible ways to compensate and reward employees.

Key features:
Recognition and Rewards programme
Communication, surveys and feedback
Personalized flexible benefits
International marketplace of gift vouchers
Easy Employee benefit administration

The integration streamlines HR processes by seamlessly transferring employee and company data from HiBob to MELP system. This efficient data transfer not only saves valuable time for HR professionals but also empowers MELP to automate various tasks associated with engagement, communication, and benefit administration.

The integration between the HiBob system and Melp follows a one-sided sync approach, where data is transferred from HiBob to Melp. The integration operates on the principle of syncing data at regular intervals of every 1 hour. Any updates or changes made in the HiBob system, such as employee information, and company organization changes are automatically synchronized and transferred to Melp. By maintaining this seamless and periodic data transfer, the integration ensures that Melp remains up-to-date with the latest information from HiBob, enabling HR specialists to effectively leverage Melp’s capabilities for tasks like engagement, communication, and benefit administration.

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