Partner Overview
Ease the burden on IT with self-service activation of JumpCloud SSO and provisioning directly from Bob! 


JumpCloud changes the way IT administrators manage their organizations by providing a comprehensive and flexible cloud directory platform. From one pane of glass, you can manage user identities and resource access, secure Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, and get a full view of your environment.


The JumpCloud Open Directory Platform helps IT teams Make (Remote) Work Happen® by centralizing management of user identities and devices, enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt Zero Trust security models. 


JumpCloud has a global user base of more than 180,000 organizations, with more than 5,000 paying customers including, GoFundMe, Grab, ClassPass, Uplight, Beyond Finance, and Foursquare.  


Key Features: 

  • Open directory platform
  • Identity lifecycle management
  • Access management, unified authentication, SSO
  • Device management


Bob x JumpCloud Integration Overview:                                                          

Bridge the gap between HR and IT by automating identity and access management tasks initiated by changes made to HiBob employee records. 


Once the integration is activated, changes to employee records in HiBob such as a new joiner, a department move, or a termination, will automatically update in JumpCloud. Once sync’d, JumpCloud can execute on identity lifecycle tasks that include access management, SSO, device management, and multi factor authentication set up and credentials. You can define when or what will trigger the sync made from Bob to JumpCloud. 


With a couple clicks, you can accelerate employee time-to-productivity and raise the bar on security. Try JumpCloud for free today!



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