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JazzHR is powerful, user-friendly recruitment software that scales your ability to find and hire great talent.

Effortlessly streamline the entire recruiting process with JazzHR.

  • Candidate sourcing
  • Employer branding
  • Interviews & assessments
  • Compliance & reporting
  • Collaborative hiring

Connect JazzHR with Bob to streamline the employee recruiting process:

Create custom workflows that align with your recruiting process

Rank and track new candidates with ease

Enhance candidate experience through branded messaging and custom career pages

The candidate’s details will be pushed to Bob when they are marked as Hired in JazzHr and you click on the link in the email notification or on the in-app notification in Bob. This application has data mapping capabilities.

Before you begin, make sure that any Bob fields mapped to JazzHR fields are included in the new hire flow setup. To set up the JazzHR integration, you’ll have to first obtain an API key from JazzHR. See JazzHR’s knowledge base to find out how to get your API credentials.

Adding a new hire to Bob: When a candidate is marked as Hired in JazzHR, you will be sent an email from Bob asking you to Complete the hiring process. You will also get an in-app notification in Bob, which you can view by clicking the Bell icon in the top right of the home page. 

The newly hired candidate’s details will not be pushed to Bob until you click Complete the hiring process in the email or click on the in-app notification.

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