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At hireful, we’ve crafted the perfect ATS for small teams and businesses on a budget. Our recruitment software is designed to simplify your hiring process and effortlessly bring in top talent. Meet your diversity & inclusion goals by using anonymised CVs, easily collecting diversity data, and benchmarking your diversity data against your local area. These features are available to all at no additional cost.

With hireful’s ATS, you’ll save heaps of time, offer candidates a stellar experience, cut down on agency expenses, and set your organisation up for recruitment success. Customise your system with features to suit you, from receiving alerts to scheduling video interviews. Take your recruitment to the next level with success modules, including streamlined advertising, job makeovers, candidate journeys, onboarding, and more.

Key features:

  • Attract Top Talent: Enhance your careers page, boost response rates, and simplify applications.
  • Streamline, Automate & Integrate: Easy-to-use automations and seamless integrations save you time and eliminate second-guessing, technical complexities, and scattered processes.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Achieve D&I targets with anonymised CVs, diversity data, and benchmarking data – included on every plan.
  • Recruitment Success Modules: Up your recruitment game by learning how to create fuss-free advertising, create a stand-out candidate journey, perfectly onboard new starters, and more.
  • Transform your adverts with AI: Convert your job specs into impactful ad copy, optimised for job boards.
  • Unrivalled Support on time, when it matters: Hassle-free help that’s always there when you need it – whether via phone, email, or live chat.

Unlock a smoother hiring journey with the seamless collaboration between hireful and HiBob. No more headaches, duplicate records, or dealing with incompatible systems! This powerful duo streamlines the hiring process, guaranteeing the secure transfer of your candidate data and all the information collected during recruitment to the HiBob HR platform.

How the integration works:

The HiBob integration will need to be enabled via the recruiter portal. Once the integration is enabled, an ‘import to HiBob’ status will show on the status drop-down. When this status is selected, the candidate will be updated to “Import to HiBob” before the data is sent over.

When the candidate is moved to the status of “Import to HiBob” a pop-up form will appear, displaying additional fields that can be edited before the information is sent to HiBob. Some of these fields will already contain data from the candidate’s original application.

Please note: Changing the data on the pop-up form will not update the candidate’s record in the ATS.


The integration between HiBob and hireful offers several key benefits:

  • Time Efficiency: No more repetitive manual data entry—say goodbye to copying and pasting candidate information from your ATS to HiBob. Get your new starters onboarded quicker and slicker.
  • Reduced Human Error: Manual data entry is prone to errors—typos, omissions, or inaccuracies. The HiBob integration removes this risk by automatically sending over your candidate data.
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: First impressions count; being able to give your new starters a smoother transition from the recruitment phase to onboarding creates a positive first impression. It will feel like a smooth journey for them, with no interruptions to your communication or repeated requests for information that they have already supplied.

All data is transferred securely using standard encryption via https protocol. This means that your candidates’ profiles and personal data are moved securely between both platforms and meet data protection needs.

Technical Support email: [email protected]

Technical Support number: 01933 667 164

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