Partner Overview

Disprz is an AI-powered learning & skills platform, helping enterprises unlock business potential by enabling organization-wide skilling. With the goal to empower organizations to drive the right skills for immediate and sustained business impact, Disprz creates impactful learning pathways, drives hyper-personalized learning to bridge skill gaps and drives learning adoption for all types of workforce.

Key Features:

  • Learning pathways
  • Content
  • Skills
  • Mobile app
  • Advanced analytics & Learning reports

Integrating HiBob and Disprz will help customers maintain the consistency of data between the two platforms; admins will not be required to manage the learner population data within Disprz manually.

How the integration works:

The Disprz & HiBob integration allows employee records to be synced automatically. This will allow courses, department-specific training, or new onboarding courses to be auto-assigned to learners, and analyze learning data with all requisite variables available on HiBob.

Any updates to employee records or changes made in HiBob will reflect on Disprz regularly, keeping both your learning and people management systems in sync.

For Technical support, contact: [email protected]

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