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Absence management made easy

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Creating and assigning custom policies

Create unlimited fully-configurable policies, so everyone gets what they need. Assign the right policies to the right people, and get what you need signed off on when you need it. No more wasting time on policies for you or your people.

  • Create unlimited policies with your choice of approvers 
  • Find the right policy with ease from an organized library of policy groups
  • Be ready to go with the right policies for each of your people
  • Create dedicated policies and stay on top of time off regulations and compliance
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Requesting and approving

Fast approvals in the flow of work make happy employees.

  • Submit time off requests from web, mobile, Slack, or Teams
  • Say goodbye to requests falling through the cracks
  • Quickly and easily approve or reject requests with push notifications from bob, Slack, and Teams, meeting you in your flow of work
  • Effortlessly track requests and team time off in a convenient calendar view
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Simplifying time off tracking

Keep your eye on the big picture.

  • View peoples’ status via calendar, mobile, Teams, and Slack
  • Easily track and manage your own time off
  • Simplify time off tracking with easy reports and historical data
  • Review employees’ basic time off data and policy assignment history
  • Perform time off changes by bulk for an entire set of employees
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