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Cultivate your flow of work

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Meeting you where you are

Make your HR experience even better through seamless connections with today’s top collaboration tools and apps. Together you get the best of bob within your flow of work, so you never miss a thing.

  • Utilize your favorite tools
  • Complete HR actions from the palm of your hand
  • Save precious HR time
  • Empower employees to intuitively perform HR tasks
  • Stay connected, wherever you and your people are
Engagement is key
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Mobile app

bob’s mobile app brings you a whole lot of the platform you love on the go. Staying true to bob’s beautiful interface and engaging experience, this app is one your people will love using.


Using the bob HR app, you and your people can:

  • Stay up to date with company insights and news right on the home screen, including new joiners, birthdays, and work anniversaries
  • Share and react to company or site-specific Shoutouts and Kudos
  • See who from your team is active with a live status view
  • Discover coworkers through the People Directory
  • Reach out to coworkers via their connected accounts
  • Clock in and out with ease, right from the home screen
  • Track and manage attendance and timesheets
  • Request and manage time off with a click

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bob and Slack

Slack and bob work hand-in-hand, allowing your people to engage and communicate where they’re already spending their time. Connecting to Slack brings bob highlights straight to your channels.


  • Keep everyone in the loop with a daily digest of employee whereabouts, events and  new joiners
  • Drive transparency and communication with real-time company updates and praise through Shoutouts and Kudo
  • Streamline processes by empowering employees and managers to complete fast HR tasks
  • View and request time off, clock in and out, and get notifications for upcoming tasks and goals activity
  • See who from your team is active and who’s not so you can be mindful of each other’s time
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bob and Microsoft Teams

Together, bob and Microsoft Teams provide the ultimate solution for cultivating happy employees from the get-go, inspiring productivity and driving collaboration.


  • Provide a constant stream of information, recognition, and praise in your channels
  • Get responses to intuitive, conversational questions and everyday HR requests
  • Complete fast HR actions in your flow of work, eliminating delays for employees and saving HR time
  • Personalize onboarding to fuel a sense of belonging from day one
  • See who from your team is clocked in and active and who’s away


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