How HiBob stands out from Rippling

Rippling and HiBob both offer HR solutions for managing your people. However, they have fundamental differences.

Rippling aims to help bridge collaboration between HR and IT admins and was designed with IT admins’ operational needs in mind.

HiBob’s award-winning HCM, Bob, covers the entire employee lifecycle—from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between. Bob includes robust talent management and development tools and supports global, multi-site companies.

“When I first saw ‘Bob’, I was more or less blown away. The system feels like ‘Instagram on the front end with Workday on the back end.’”
Josh BersinHR Industry Analyst

HiBob vs. Rippling: What makes HiBob different?

HiBob believes that HR solutions should not merely support managers or admins in their tasks but rather elevate the company as a whole, putting employees, managers, and HR in the driver’s seat.

Designed as a system of engagement, Bob is intuitive and easy to use for all roles. With Bob, engagement and culture take center stage by creating transparency in communications and opportunities to connect with each other and the company brand while prioritizing safety and compliance.

But don’t be fooled by our simplicity. There’s a lot of muscle behind the friendly interface of the world’s most intuitive, effortless, and flexible HR system.

See what makes Bob flexible, global, and intuitive

Beautiful and powerful

Finally, an HCM that both employees and HR love to use. Bob reduces friction instead of introducing it. The result is more efficient work and time back to the team.

Flexibility as you scale

Bob does HR your way, not ours. Our intuitive, powerful customizations make Bob perfect for any stage, size, and setup.

Global meets local

As a global system, Bob supports distributed teams and sites worldwide with dozens of languages and currencies, plus international payroll integrations, local compliance features, and more.

Trusted by 3,500+ of the world’s leading companies

Trusted by HR leaders around the world like MiQ, Chili Piper, TravelPerk, Hostinger, airSlate, Antler, Picsart, and VaynerMedia.

ROI you can count on

Uala is a 1,400+ employee financial services company that implemented Bob in 2019. A 3-year retrospective study by Nucleus Research found that Uala:

HiBob: A modern alternative to Rippling - Compare_ROI-you-can-count-on_2-550x421.png
  • Avoided hiring 6 additional FTEs onto its people operations team 
  • Cut its onboarding time by 50%
  • Grew its headcount by 540%+ without putting additional strain on the HR team
  • Reduced IT spending by replacing a survey tool with the functionality included in HiBob at no additional cost
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“As a publicly held company, I need to present HR data every quarter to the compensation committee and the Board. Bob makes it simple, providing all of the data that I need in an easy-to-understand format. We looked into many HRIS platforms but chose Bob because it’s the simplest to use and most flexible for our needs.”
Sharon SteinerCHROFiverr

Questions to ask when comparing Rippling to HiBob

Who will be using the system?

  • Rippling has focused primarily on its IT cloud, including creating its own coding language, Rippling RQL.
  • With Bob, people leaders don’t need a technical background to make an impact. Configuring the system and creating new processes is intuitive and effortless, and there is no need to learn a new language or enlist the help of an IT expert.

How much do I need to budget for my HR platform? Will costs increase over the next three years?

  • Rippling’s cost of ownership can be high and unpredictable, with additional fees for workflows, integrations, deployment costs, ongoing maintenance, etc.
  • HiBob’s fees are straightforward and transparent, with no hidden costs or usage-based surcharges.

How will the platform support my people globally?

  • Compared to Bob, Rippling has limited capabilities to support employees outside of the US:
HiBob Rippling
✅ Integrates with payroll providers for local compliance Offers global payroll only in several countries; customers must have at least one US site
✅ Customizes text to local languages ❌ Does not offer this
✅ Displays local holiday calendars ❌ Does not offer this
✅ Sends relevant communications to specific teams and sites ❌ Does not offer this
✅ Configures different workflows for HR processes for specific sites/locations ❌ Does not offer this
✅ Offers an anonymous whistleblowing tool (mandatory for companies >250 EEs with an EU presence) ❌ Does not offer this

How does the platform support multiple payroll providers?

  • Rippling does not offer third-party payroll integrations that allow customers to manage cycles from different providers within a single place.
  • Bob is built to manage local and global payroll processes, providing customers with one place to manage all their payroll cycles. Rather than being limited to a single payroll system embedded in the platform, Bob allows you to integrate with multiple leading payroll system providers worldwide, helping you meet local requirements and regulations across all your locations.

How does the product scale with my company’s growth?

  • If you plan to increase your headcount, Rippling may not be the best platform for you. Rippling mainly works with small companies initiating their HR and IT systems and may not be able to support the needs of global enterprise companies.
  • Bob is designed to support your company’s changing needs and levels of complexity as you scale, catering to companies of 50-5,000+ employees.

How does the product achieve employee engagement?

  • Rippling was built for behind-the-scenes admins, with limited focus on the employee experience. This may result in limited employee and manager adoption and more manual work for HR.
  • At HiBob, we understand that an HR system needs to engage all employees to be successful. Bob’s consumer-grade experience is for everyone in the company, backed by powerful admin tools under the hood. This results in faster time-to-value from an adoption and the people data perspective.
“Bob is so easy to use, which is important as people’s time is so precious and everybody has so much on their plate… We didn’t want to go to five different systems to find out when an employee’s start date was, find a photo of them, and their email address. We can grab all of that information in one screenshot in Bob.”
Jennifer RuzaChief Heart OfficerVaynerMedia
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