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JRNI combines a customer engagement platform with applications that put omnichannel conversion at the heart of a business.

To onboarding and beyond

JRNI (formerly BookingBug) is a customer engagement platform that’s transforming the way companies interact with their customers. By optimizing omnichannel conversion via powerful human-to-human experiences, JRNI increases revenue, customer loyalty, and customer lifetime value.

The challenge

JRNI wanted to research and find a one-of-a-kind HRIS platform to replace the use of Google Drive as an employee directory and a place to store HR documents.

JRNI grew incredibly fast, accumulating a staff of over 100 employees, and had opened offices in Boston and Sydney in addition to its London site. Finding letters, contracts, and documents within Google Drive was becoming very time-consuming. On top of that, the administrative and manual burden slowed down the onboarding process, and it was getting harder to stay consistent across three international sites on different time zones. A new approach was needed for JRNI’s HR department to efficiently track their records and improve their retention rate after welcoming new hires.

Our solution

Since JRNI referred to Google Drive as more of a directory, bob was initially used in this same regard. However, Hibob’s attentive and enthusiastic Customer Success team worked closely with JRNI to help the company broaden its use of the system and enhance its employee experience with some of our other unique features. They currently use almost every module, recently adding on bob’s talent package to the core HR platform.

JRNI had more time to focus on building a consistent culture for new hires across international sites that improves feedback and a habit of transparent communication. How? Because bob now takes care of workflow automation and JRNI’s freshly streamlined day-to-day HR processes. More recently, JRNI implemented bob’s talent management package to compliment the performance module that was already in place, allowing managers and employees to review their own progress and manage their own reviews.

The results

Our onboarding experience is newly automated, helping new hires view their team members holistically, find shared interests with others, and get to know the company values, policies, and priorities before their first day.
Jasmine Ward People & Talent Specialist
  • JRNI experienced less time spent chasing the completion of its onboarding tasks, allowing Workflows to automatically send friendly ‘nudges’ with a click of a button
  • All employee information is now viewable to anyone at JRNI and can easily be organized into different customizable sub-folders
  • Admins and employees upload documents and contracts quicker than before and each record is more easily accessible through the bob platform
  • Company culture has improved significantly with bob’s clubs feature and ShoutOut functionality
  • Company-wide communication is more transparent than ever and has transformed the employee experience into an open and stress-free zone
  • bob’s deep Slack integration has made the messaging platform a central communication hub that offers daily digests, updates, and immediate collaborations all in one place

Interested in more?

We believe that successful businesses have one thing in common: good people who feel valued.
And that fast- growing modern businesses need a better way of ‘doing HR’ to attract and keep real talent.

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