Okay, so it’s not new-new, but it may be new-to-you and that’s good enough.

bob views on mobile and laptop

Have you tried logging into bob on your mobile phone – because you can! We have a special mobile version that’s you access in the same way as desktop bob. When you log in, you get a view of bob that means you don’t have to pinch and scroll all over the place. Pictures and text are the right size, and you can read what’s there.

What can I do in bob mobile?

When you log in from your phone, you’ll be able to:

  • read company messages
  • see latest birthdays and anniversaries
  • see who is out today
  • request holiday (or other time off)
  • report in sick
  • see your time off balances
  • clock in or out of the office
  • log time against projects

We’re adding more functionality to bob mobile as time goes on.

Add to your mobile home screen

So you don’t have to navigate to bob in a browser every time you want to log in, just save app.hibob.com to your home screen as a bookmark.

If that made no sense to you at all, don’t panic. It’s easier than it seems and we’ve put instructions for you here.

Why didn’t we create an app?

Apps mean downloading new versions, but logging in to bob mobile means that you always see bob in it’s most up-to-date format and the latest product updates are always ready for you. That’s why.

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From Tamsin Fox-Davies

Tamsin Fox-Davies is the Small Business Evangelist at bob (www.hibob.com), and spends her time sharing ideas & best practice around SME HR & HRTech. You can find her on Twitter (@tamsinfd), at her desk, or curled up on the sofa with one of her four dogs and a mug of hot chocolate.