Flexibility has resurged as a top job perk that allows employees to achieve the ever-so coveted work-life balance they so deserve, while allowing employers to brand themselves as understanding and compassionate towards time needed to be spent out of the office. Flexibility and an “on-the-go” way of working have helped the modern workforce reprioritize; we’ve decided to embrace working from different locations and outside of standard office hours for reasons that include pursuing a better work-life balance, increased productivity, less stress, and to avoid a commute. 

Companies, of course, need to keep all of their workers engaged and invested in business success, while managing them successfully and permeating their professional growth. As the world of work continues to evolve, working on-the-go combined with constant connection is more possible than before. Finally, we have digital tools, such as apps, that aid our growth and success, as we adapt to the virtual lifestyle that the new, modern workforce is accustomed to. 

Remote work is now viable, flexible hours and schedules are increasingly encouraged, and working from abroad or using PTO is the newest weapon combating burnout. Being able to access the fundamentals of any workplace component is crucial when experiencing the perks of an on-the-go work lifestyle, and utilizing mobile platforms and apps allow us to make work logistics and admin accessible from wherever, whenever. 

While it’s important that your people need to clock in and out instantaneously, they also need to collaborate with their workers at different sites (sometimes without warning), and every employee regardless of their current geotags needs to be included in and updated on the company announcements. A mobile app that mixes the best ingredients of culture, communication, and performance is ideal. One that supports org transparency across locations and has the potential to make people feel as if they’re in the office with features that keep them connected like surveys, reports, and workflow progress views. 

Speaking of, bob’s HR mobile app has taken it up a notch – but don’t worry! Our modern values haven’t changed, our UI is just as beautiful and still just as user-friendly as before. Our updated app is just a little more “bobby” (you could say) and we’re glad to be here for you… wherever that may be. With bob on mobile you and your people can:

  • Easily manage and track your attendance
  • View and edit your timesheets with ease
  • Stay up to date with your company via daily digests
  • Quickly request and manage time-off
  • Effortlessly connect with coworkers 

Whether you’re using a clock in and out feature on your phone, direct messaging a colleague over Slack, or sharing an announcement via Kudos or Shoutouts, mobile capability is an absolute must. Hibob’s HR mobile app brings you a whole lot of bob on the go that provides the engaging experience we’re known for. Now, provide your whole company with the complete bob experience with a simpler way to check-in and connect. 
Download bob HR from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Learn more about how to use the app and check-in with the platform that grows people from wherever, whenever. With bob, grow as you go!

Grow as you go with a mobile app that keeps your people connected - 2019-10-17_1512.png

From Karen Sheffer

Karen leads Hibob’s product marketing, connecting the world with what bob has to offer. She lives in Tel Aviv with her husband, two young sons, and a handful of plants she has somehow managed to keep alive.