Time Off is the part of bob that helps you manage all your holiday and other leave & absence requests. It’s where you go to book your holiday, see who else is out of the office, and report in sick.

It’s also where admins and managers go to approve or decline Time Off requests, and where they can report a team member in sick if they need to.

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Why we built Time Off

We created Time Off because we know that managing leave and absences is one of the biggest headaches in HR.

No one wants to manually collate paper holiday forms, or wrangle umpteen different calendars and spreadsheets in order to work out who’s going to be out and when. They don’t want to submit holiday requests that need physically signing off either – it feels too much like being back at school.

…and of course, no CEO wants to get to December to suddenly discover that half the company are out at the same time.

Here’s the stuff that Time Off will help you with:

Requesting and approving holidays

Request Time Off2

Seeing who on the team is due out of the office


Managing different Time Off policies

Time Off Policies

What else does it do? We’re glad you asked!

  • Keeping track of your own holiday balance. Do you have 5 or 7 days holiday left? Know for sure – right on your Time Off homepage.
  • Allowing for different national holidays and days off in lieu. Add UK Bank Holidays with a click & set up any company days off. Need to give a day off in lieu – that’s easy too.
  • Reporting in sick. Simple logging of sick days means better records – and easier reporting for administrators.
  • Running Time Off reports. Easily run a report of Time Off balances or days used for one employee, a team, or the whole company – in less than a minute.

Try it now

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From Tamsin Fox-Davies

Tamsin Fox-Davies is the Small Business Evangelist at bob (www.hibob.com), and spends her time sharing ideas & best practice around SME HR & HRTech. You can find her on Twitter (@tamsinfd), at her desk, or curled up on the sofa with one of her four dogs and a mug of hot chocolate.