Dad and baby

The father trap: How nearly all businesses fail

This is a guest post from David Willans, one of the two speakers at 'What to Expect When They're Expecting' on 22nd June 2017.  A brief story Two years ago, at 10:30 pm I was on my way back from London City airport after a big client meeting in Zurich. My cabby was John. He’s a proper East-Ender, late 40’s. Born and bred in the East End. He would have made pro for West Ham until an injury ruined it. We talked about our kids and what it means to…

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Two days of Pioneering - pioneers-conference-image.jpg

Two days of Pioneering

I was a Pioneer for two days. Last week I had the honour of being invited to speak at Pioneers 2017 - a tech conference held this year at Vienna's Hofburg Palace. The event hosted 2,500 tech innovators from over 100 nations, including 500 selected startups and over 80 speakers. Previous Experience To be honest, I’m always in two minds about these kind of events. A few years ago I finally got the opportunity to book into one of the big ones in the US (naming no names). My brief…

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bob announced as Interbrand ‘one-to-watch’ - TheWorkingFuture-BTB-2017.jpg

bob announced as Interbrand ‘one-to-watch’

We're excited to announce that bob has been announced by the uber-agency Interbrand as one of the 'ones-to-watch' in the Working Future category of their Breakthrough Brands 2017. In fast company Breakthrough Brands is such a high profile award that it's covered by leading publication Fast Company, amongst others. "One standout point is the Clubs feature, which encourages employees to create groups and promote their own interests". In good company We are honoured to be listed alongside brands like Slack (who we integrate with) and General Assembly. Both of these companies are…

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New stuff: bob mobile - bob3-58.jpg

New stuff: bob mobile

Okay, so it's not new-new, but it may be new-to-you and that's good enough. Have you tried logging into bob on your mobile phone - because you can! We have a special mobile version that's you access in the same way as desktop bob. When you log in, you get a view of bob that means you don't have to pinch and scroll all over the place. Pictures and text are the right size, and you can read what's there. What can I do in bob mobile? When you log…

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bob makes the RealBusiness Future 50 - pexels-photo-346885.jpeg

bob makes the RealBusiness Future 50

"Entrepreneurs not afraid to change the way we look at things and build incredibly disruptive UK companies" We just got the news that bob has made the RealBusiness Future 50 - The list of the most disruptive companies of the year for 2017. About Future 50 RealBusiness describes the Future 50 like this: "Each year, our Future 50 ranking gives the young players a chance to shine. Its class of disruptive UK businesses is now 300-strong and includes startup ventures that have gone on to become household names". In great…

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Women at bob - yellow-umbrella-1.jpg

Women at bob

It's International Women's Day, so it's time to formally introduce the women of bob. We're very proud of our commitment to our female staff members who work across all of our departments, and in both our Tel Aviv & London offices. Gender split - aiming for equal bob currently has a 40% female workforce, with our ideal being 50/50 men and women. Below you can see our gender split across the company, using the bob Clubs view. When our product designers started looking at how to visually display employee information within…

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New stuff: Customise On-Boarding, Task Templates, & Holidays in Calendars - bob3-55.jpg

New stuff: Customise On-Boarding, Task Templates, & Holidays in Calendars

Customised On-Boarding First impressions matter, so when a new employee joins your company (or you invite an older one to use bob), why not customise your welcome flow with your own video, need-to-know people, and more. It's easy to do and makes a big difference. Log in to bob, go to Settings and choose Welcome Wizard, here you can edit the information employees will see when they first onboard (i.e when you invite them to bob) Duplicate & Edit Task Templates We're all about making your life easier, and Task…

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Feature release: Time Log - blog-new-FF-1.png

Feature release: Time Log

Time management is an admin headache. Now you can ditch the paper time sheets with Time Log. Time Log is there to help you manage your employees' working hours and time worked on projects in bob. It’s super-simple and is designed to be used on the go. So no more estimated time sheets at the end of the month. Making it easier to manage your people’s time Collect real-time info on when people are ‘at work’ Have time allocated to projects, as they go Easily see average check-in and check-out times…

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9 Expert HR Tips for an Outstanding 2017 - pexels-photo-177566-TTT-1.jpg

9 Expert HR Tips for an Outstanding 2017

Get your HR career in gear with our expert tips for an outstanding 2017. We asked 9 of our smartest friends in the people & talent management world to each tell us their one top tip to improve HR practices in 2017, and brought them together in a handy infographic. Click here to tweet this infographic Click here to tweet this infographic Or click the slides below to move through the tips. [slideshare id=70950250&doc=bob9outstanding2017tips-170112141738] Huge thanks to Our experts: Learn more about each of our experts, and their companies, below.…

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5 ways to win this Christmas - Christmas5-1.jpeg

5 ways to win this Christmas

As employees all over the country start to look forward to the Christmas break and related festivities, there’s one group of people who aren’t usually as excited about the whole thing. Although the bah-humbug isn’t inevitable... HRs and office managers are normally the ones who have to organise all the fun stuff for everyone else and usually have to do a bunch of additional work as a result. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! Here’s my five tips to make sure you can win (and enjoy) this Christmas:…

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New in bob: Time off in lieu, animated profile pics, and easy import - bob3-51.jpg

New in bob: Time off in lieu, animated profile pics, and easy import

Time off in lieu [caption id="attachment_854" align="alignleft" width="300"] Add extra Time Off in Lieu when employees need it[/caption] It’s an everyday thing - you work late, or an extra day, and in return you’re given that time back to take as holiday as ‘time off in lieu’. This is pretty easy to understand, but a little more difficult to record, reclaim and manage. So we’ve created a nifty way for managers to add time off in lieu to their team's holiday balances, and for employees to request time off in…

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