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10 mistakes not to make with pensions auto-enrolment

All employers have to provide a workplace pension for their eligible staff by 2018. This process is called ‘automatic enrolment', and is often referred to as ‘auto-enrolment’. Avoiding the topic is not an option, so it’s important to be aware of what is required and by when. Otherwise, you may make mistakes which could lead to a hefty fine of up to £500 per day. "Avoiding the topic of pensions auto-enrolment is not an option" As a business owner, there is initially a lot to contend with for pensions auto-enrolment,…

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Past lessons for future wins. The progress of pensions.

Pensions auto-enrolment is a hot topic right now, as smaller firms are going through the process for their staff, and most larger companies have already been through it. In this article, financial services expert, Roderic Rennison, takes us through how and why pensions auto-enrolment is an issue right now, and the four key things to consider to make your auto-enrolment a success. Understanding the types and structures of benefits that meet employees’ needs, means that employers increase the likelihood of providing staff benefits that are both relevant and cost effective.…

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