Diversity costs but so does failure to take action - pexels-photo-235243.jpeg

Diversity costs but so does failure to take action

Don't get left behind in creating an inclusive culture   What does gender diversity mean to your business? There’s an easy way to measure this. How much have you currently invested to tackle it? If the answer is zero or the amount is nominal than I think we can safely say that diversity still falls under the “nice-to-have” bracket.   What if we reframe the question, instead of looking at what you’re not spending to tackle gender diversity, let’s look at what it's costing you to fail at it? If…

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Show me the money - Gender-Pay-Gap-02-1.png

Show me the money

How gender pay gap regulations can be good for your business What would you do if you knew - without question - that you were working alongside a colleague of equal or lesser competency who was earning significantly more than you? That you knew your skills and qualifications stacked up equally, and your ambition and commitment to the business were also on par? That this disparity wasn’t even a secret and had already been acknowledged by management to be unfair with a verbal promise to rectify at the next round…

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