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Bridging the global gaps with company culture

This morning I had the pleasure of hosting a Hibob panel discussion on  building culture across remote, virtual and global teams with expert advice from our Panelists (Ajaybir (AJ) Behniwal, Director of Customer Success at TripActions, Kate Irwin, Commercial Director at Skift and Michal Zarankin, Marketing Director at Quantum Metric) and a very interactive, insightful audience of HR and People professionals Virtual, global and remote teams are no longer unique - they are an essential part of almost every growing business. But with every new development to our working world,…

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Turning Your Senior Team into Your ‘First’ Team - quino-al-249660-unsplash-2.jpg

Turning Your Senior Team into Your ‘First’ Team

A recent CEO survey, conducted by Hibob, taught us that people retention, culture and work/life balance are three of the top 10 work worries keeping CEOs up at night.   Although the lack of sleep isn’t a great thing for them - from a HR perspective this a huge step forward. It tells us the importance of culture and engagement are not only being recognised by the c-suite - but they are high on their agenda. It is no longer a secret that getting your culture strategy right is just…

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Is Your Team World Class?

We all understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration in the workplace - and - if you read this blog - you’ll understand how to establish and maintain a high performing team. But how do we take our teams from performing well, to being world class? With the Six Nations tournament sweeping rugby fever across the country, it didn’t take me long to start looking at successful sports teams for inspiration! Corporate teams have multiple measures for success: productivity, ROI, OKRs etc, but sports teams tend to have just one…

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Turning the Knowledge of What Makes a Great Team into a Reality

With the six nations rugby tournament kicking off this weekend - the beauty of teamwork is about to be praised, scathed and critiqued by every media outlet and every armchair commentator across all six of those nations involved. And all of those opinions (professional and otherwise) will have one common factor -  teamwork is essential to success! So what can corporate teams learn from the world-class players out there representing their countries? The truth is - high performing sports teams use all the same tactics that we know we should…

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