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Is employee retention realistic? (Webinar)


With two years being the new average employee tenure, is retention still relevant for the future of work?

About this Event


In this webinar, we will challenge the traditional concept of retention. And in turn, explore new, mutually beneficial ways to get the most out of your people in a shorter amount of time.

Featuring Matt Buckland (Founder and Head of Talent at Rainmaking Venture Studio) and Matthew Bradburn (Co-Founder, People Collective), you will leave the discussion able to:

-Facilitate a shift in perspective, that embraces the inevitability of shorter tenures

-Identify what attitudes, personality traits and behaviours to recruit for with this in mind

-Design a more mutually beneficial employee experience: focused around employability


About the Speakers


Matthew Bradburn is Co-Founder of the People Collective: a modern People Operations consultancy. Previously he’s worked as VP People at Peakon, and Head of Talent at Lyst and Qubit.

Matt Buckland is the Founder and Head of Talent at Rainmaking Venture Studio, a company that co-creates companies. Previously he was the VP of Customer Advocacy at Workable, a Scale Coach at Upscale, Head of Talent and Human Resources at Lyst.

Both our speakers are also co-founders of DBR: an online Slack community for in-house recruiters and HR professionals around the world, with 4500 members and counting!

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