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Values & Purpose in the Workplace (Webinar)


This is our first webinar that combines personal and professional development – because we care about you, as well as your business.

Join us to explore the importance of putting values and purpose at the heart of everything you do – at work and in life!

During this session Chief Happiness Officer, Suki Bassi, will discuss:

  • Taking a grass roots approach to shaping culture 
  • Focusing on personal values
  • Communication and performance  
  • Using a moral compass for business decision making 

Suki will also share her personal story from working with genocide survivors, to community conflict resolution, right through to a FTSE500 Board room – and how she discovered her purpose along the way.

The session will finish with tips to help you identify your own purpose, using the Japanese concept of ‘Ikigai’ (roughly translated as: our reason for being).  

A philosophy of insight, balance and finding joy and fulfilment in the daily routine of life. The perfect way to mark Happiness At Work Week



More about Suki 

As the Founder of HappyMaven: Wellbeing in Business, Suki is a passionate advocate for healthy, connected and happy workplaces and at the vanguard of the revolution for a better human experience at work.

With a career spanning the private, public and third sector her achievements include driving global employee engagement improvements at advertising giant WPP to co-authoring the ‘Conversations for Change’ toolkit for the Desmond Tutu Foundation.

Working across Europe and the USA, Suki is helping businesses put wellbeing, happiness and gratitude firmly on the corporate agenda to deliver sustainable results for everyone.

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