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The Employee Productivity Lifecycle

LocationShoreditch Treehouse, 34 Charlotte Road, Hackney, London, EC2A 3PB

Maximising productivity throughout the employee lifecycle

It’s every organisation’s dream to maintain a consistently productive workforce, who work happily and efficiently…

But the pressures of professional and personal life can make it difficult to stay focused.

So how can HR encourage a workforce to stay productive, without pushing people to their limits?

On July 16th, join us with Steve Gaskin (MD, Right Angle Corporate Ltd and Founder of The London Team Building Company) and George Milton-Mason (Business Coach, Motivator and Productivity Expert, Whitehat UK).

We’ll be having breakfast in the fabulous Shoreditch Treehouse, and learning how to maximise employee productivity throughout the whole employee lifecycle.

You will leave the discussion able to:

  • Define or redefine how your organisation measures productivity
  • Avoid implementing blanket policies
  • Embrace surges and manage dips across the employee experience
  • Identify and act on productivity drains

More about Steve

Steve Gaskin is the Managing Director of Right Angle Corporate Ltd and founder and director of the The London Team Building Company. He’s worked with giants like Gumtree, Toyota, Microsoft and a large number of FTSE 100 companies to help build and develop teams in immersive and creative ways. On top of that, Steve was a senior detective for over 25 years, and is also a qualified teacher. All in which team development, productivity and communication were essential.

More about George

George Milton-Mason is the Business Coach, motivator and productivity expert at WhiteHat UK: a tech startup on a mission to create a diverse group of future leaders through apprenticeships. Prior to this, George worked as a global coach for the central London region at Marks and Spencer and most recently was responsible for the learning and development of operations in the UK at tech startup Gett.

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