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Employee Engagement & Recognition (Meetup)

LocationShoreditch Treehouse, London

Employee engagement is widely recognized as a core part of business strategy, with the overall employee experience being more important than ever before for retention and employer branding.

Join Hibob and Jolt on November 14th to discuss how HR and L&D teams can take the lead on championing the benefits of employee engagement – and the tools you can use to increase engagement levels within your business.


  • Emy Rumble-Mettle, Being Human Ltd 
  • Tal Shmuli, Jolt 

By the end of this interactive session, you’ll leave with:

  • A selection of peer to peer examples on the importance of employee engagement
  • A range of examples on how to measure and analyze engagement levels
  • A variety of options of engagement tools and rewards
  • An understanding of how engagement dips and peaks throughout the employee lifecycle and what can be done to steady this


About Emy Rumble

Putting people first is right for business, for profit and more importantly for happiness and job satisfaction. If companies can get this one thing right then the rest is a much easier task. Emy Rumble-Mettle works with clients to improve exploring what drives and motivates people and how to create cultures where excellence reigns and people are enjoying their roles is what makes me smile. 

Having worked with boards across the worlds largest advertising network – WPP –  for the last 10 years, Emy has been exploring how to create inclusive cultures across 6 companies and working with leadership to undergo the people transformation needed to marry the digital transformation that is pervasive for all companies. Emy has recently launched Human Being as a response to seeing humanity dwindling to the power of data exclusively.  She believes being human needs to be something we self check against daily as leadership to increase talent engagement and will be sharing insights learned from years of expertise.

About Tal Shmuli

“Despite an unlikely beginning – Tal did not complete high-school and didn’t attend university – he got to leave and work in 4 countries, including stints in Australia and Ireland.

Tal is Jolt’s Executive Regional Director in the UK. Jolt is a ‘Business School for the Self-Made’, Prior to that, Tal worked our of the company’s HQ in Tel Aviv, as VP Supply Chain. Prior to joining Jolt, Tal spearheaded LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions team as the company expanded to Israel. In the process, he published a book called: “Hackmethon: A Guide To Self-hacking In The 21st Century”. The book’s launch was followed by a roadshow at international events like SXSW (Texas) and TED (Vienna).”

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