Partner Overview

Udder is a forward-thinking, innovative HR tech consultancy partner devoted to delivering powerful and impactful solutions. Guided by our agile approach, proficiency in various HR-related technologies, and multilingual expertise, we consistently exceed client expectations.


We take pride in delivering superior value for money, nurturing enduring relationships, and ensuring high-quality results.


We specialize in four key areas: implementation, audit and optimization, integration, and selection – to maximize the value our clients get from HR technology. 


Since 2020, we’ve implemented Bob for diverse clients, from large multi-nationals to small businesses.

Implementation: Our consultants combine HR and tech expertise, setting us apart and enabling us to support our clients in the most impactful way.


Audit and optimization: We assist clients in maximizing Bob’s utility by conducting thorough usage reviews, suggesting improvements, and supporting change to unlock the system’s full potential.


Integration: We aid clients in integrating Bob with other solutions using custom APIs or middleware like Zapier, enhancing their core platforms while ensuring data integrity and security.


Selection: We guide companies in identifying HR tech solutions that perfectly align with their needs through a swift, objective process of requirement identification, market research, vendor shortlisting, and demo facilitation.

Our team, a blend of tech enthusiasts and HR professionals, is proficient in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, German, French & Romanian), catering to a diverse clientele. As your trusted consultancy for using Bob, we are committed to assisting you throughout your system implementation and optimization journey.


Our exceptional service quality is reflected in our continuous positive feedback and impressive 90 percent client referral rate.