Partner Overview

As Australia and New Zealand’s leading specialist HR technology consultancy, Tomorrow’s People live, breathe, and generally geek out on all things HR techy. Our goal? To help you seamlessly navigate the complex world of HR technology.

As a certified implementation partner, we help make your Bob implementation a true success. In addition to helping implement your Bob solution, we offer the following services:

  • Employee data cleanse: ensuring your data is ready to start your Bob implementation and that this doesn’t slow down the project
  • Project management: assisting you if you don’t have the internal resources to project manage the implementation
  • Change management – guiding you through best practises to engage all your employees from the moment you ‘go-live’
  • Employee journey mapping – guiding you through the future processes you will build in Bob

Fiona is an accomplished implementation partner specializing in HR tech and process optimization. With a passion for digital transformation, Fiona collaborates closely with clients to enhance employee experiences through streamlined processes. With expertise in implementing HR technology, project management, data cleansing, and journey mapping for the best employee experience, Fiona is your go-to partner for driving impactful change and delivering exceptional results.