Webinar: Managing remote employees

Are you struggling to manage your remote workforce, and doing so quite unexpectedly? We know that in these trying times, it can be difficult to reach your people while working from home but we’re all doing our best. That’s why last Thursday, Hibob’s Head of UK Customer Support, Alyson Sturgess, held a webinar on how Hibob is leveraging its innovative platform to manage a remote workforce.

During our latest webinar, Alyson walked us through key features that maintain remote culture and effective workflow, and how bob can help throughout this period of change. Take these five takeaways to heart when managing your workforce from home with bob:

Staying connected

Shoutouts enable everyone to share fun and personal messages, using images and GIFs, on our desktop and the bob mobile app. Using Shoutouts, which can be company-wide or by a filtered group, connects your people across sites and their new home office digs – wherever they may be! Your people can react to these Shoutouts using emojis (on the bob platform or in your Slack integration), fueling communication and connectivity a regular basis. It’s the ideal way to share company updates and work policies since you can push them to virtually any portal – web, mobile, Slack, MS Teams – you name it!

Keeping everyone engaged

Engagement and socializing don’t have to take a dip just because you’re not in the office. Use the Birthday and Anniversary digest to stay up to date on everyone’s important milestones – then, send them a message via Slack or MS Teams (or an emoji) to celebrate and say congratulations! You can also see who’s in and who’s out in your daily digest – this makes it easier to see who from your team is active, with a live status view so you know if someone’s taking time with the kids or a break.

Surveys are the ultimate way to keep your people engaged long term, especially from a distance. Check-in with your people to see how WFH is going, what you can do to make their time remote more comfortable, and which processes work best for them while at home.

Maintaining relationships

It can be hard to stay in touch with your coworkers. But, bob hosts a type of “one-touch contact” so that you can keep connected to your teammates, right from your home screen. On the bob mobile app, everyone has easy access to one another’s profiles which truly drives colleague relationships, sharing specific details or information in the event that you need to reach out to a coworker or know something about their department.

Onboarding new hires

Onboarding new hires remotely may seem a bit tricky, but with bob’s personalized WFH onboarding flow it’s super simple. Through desktop, HR admins can simplify the process of welcoming and admitting new hires to their company with a templatized (and completely customized) process that can be filled out and shared on a site or team basis.

Managing time off

We all know bob is essential to managing time off and attendance, but in this new world of work, we need to keep track of everyone working from home. HR admins can create their own WFH policy on bob and assign certain employees in bulk to the approved setting. 

bob is here for all of you, to meet your new WFH needs and help you manage your remote workforce effectively. Being outside of the office doesn’t mean we can’t keep the lines of communication open and connect on a personal level. What it does mean, though, is that we need to take advantage of bob and our favorite tech tools to keep our cultures alive.

We can help use mobile to transform your teams into remote-friendly operations. Our HR mobile app is still bringing you a whole lot of bob on the go, with new updates that make the remote experience all that easier and enjoyable. Our app continues to provide the same engaging experience, but with fresh capabilities: