Key roles in HR: Uncovering new trends and research - Jessica Miller-Merrell
Jessica Miller-Merrell
Key roles in HR: Uncovering new trends and research - Zoe Haimovitch
Zoe Haimovitch
Senior Director, Communications and Strategic Projects

The media is quick to tell us the roles and responsibilities of HR are evolving, but what does the data tell us? This hour-long interactive presentation will share key findings from our first-ever HR Benchmark Survey. 

We’ll answer these questions (and more), including: 

  • The primary focus and activities for HR teams post-pandemic
  • What workplace KPIs and metrics in HR matter the most 
  • Importance of the HR function to your executive team
  • Who is the most senior HR person in Management, and who do they report to  

Join us for this interactive webinar diving into the role of Human Resources with discussions on how we, as HR leaders, can increase business alignment, relationships, and communication to align our HR activities with business outcomes.

Want the full report after the webinar? Take the quick survey here: https://workology.com/workology_hibob_hr_benchmark/ 

This presentation is pre-approved for a 1.0 HRCI and 1.0 SHRM recertification credit. 

A replay will be available for those unable to attend the live webinar.