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Myles Wellbeing is a platform used to boost engagement and productivity for employers by encouraging employees to be more physically active.

Myles is an active, and inclusive app which harnesses gamification and psychology to increase activity levels. A solution that builds strong habits and rewards people with vouchers to their favourite shops.

Used at teams in Dell, Capital One, and Deloitte, Myles has been developed with the help of HR professionals and sport psychologists to maximise the potential of the user teams performance. On average a Myles user is 2.5 times more physically active after a month of using the app, 50% more productive, with employers seeing a 9.3x ROI.

Myles improves the wellbeing of your entire organisation. Using gamification and healthy competition Myles improves team morale and productivity.

Key features:

  • Rewarding employees – You can reward your employees with a range of vouchers to incentivise positive wellbeing habits.
  • Leaderboards – Your team earn points by being physically active and completing challenges. You can then compare progress with colleagues on the leaderboard.
  • Activity tracking – Myles provides long term engagement by automatically adding your activities from your favourite fitness tracker.
  • Admin control panel – You can use your Myles admin dashboard to see access a range of information.
  • Integrations – Myles makes things similar by integrating with the tools your team area already using such as Slack and HiBob.

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Myles and Bob’s integrations gives the best possible experience with onboarding and employment for morale and keeping the team working together.

The HiBob – Myles integration enables you to increase engagement and productivity in your team. The integration is a great way to easily onboard all of your employees onto the Myles platform and get them moving straight away.

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