Compensation Benchmarking Powered by Mercer

The economy may be unpredictable, but one thing remains clear: market leaders need reliable, up-to-date data to stay ahead of the changes. HiBob’s global data source gives you accurate, timely compensation data that helps you identify pay gaps, uncover retention risks and drive informed pay strategies.


With Bob’s Compensation Benchmarking powered by Mercer, you can anticipate your next workforce challenge, predict your labor costs, and understand how to adapt to stay competitive.

Create persuasive rewards packages

Competitive pay is the foundation of a compelling rewards package. Our unique offering of Mercer’s accurate and trusted pay data is now available in Bob and a perfect fit for HiBob customers. The data guides you to the location of your talent and how much you should pay to hire them without wasting unnecessary resources. Whether you’re looking for local, national, or international salary data, we have you covered. The data offered is compiled from:

Our data has been strategically curated to meet the needs of Bob’s customers.

Leverage benchmarking data directly in your work

Benchmarking in Bob means you’re connecting pay data to critical HR workflows. Streamline the entire compensation management process in Bob, leveraging benchmarking data every step of the way.


Start preparing for the modern workforce and position your organization for long term success.


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