Back gives your employees a one-stop shop for work-related matters – whether it’s a payroll question, a growth budget request, or a relocation. Meanwhile, your team manages all conversations, knowledge, and journeys in one place. Choco, Netlify, Statista, and many other growing companies use Back to provide a seamless employee experience.


Why Back?
Back integrates into your communication channels such as email, Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Chat, so your employees can submit requests the way they are used to.

Back centralizes all employee requests on one easy-to-use web platform, ensuring that your team always remains organized. You can work on requests within your team or together with other internal service teams and use approvals and custom forms.

The Hibob integration provides your team with more information about the employee (such as the office location and team), supporting them in responding in a more tailored way.

Our own knowledge base and our Notion and Confluence integrations help you make your internal knowledge more accessible by automatically surfacing relevant answers or policies and saving precious time for your internal ops.

Back helps you ensure consistency and compliance throughout the employee lifecycle by automating the main employee journeys and small tedious tasks that you need to do every day.

Our reporting feature proactively identifies trends and guides you in focusing on the most time-consuming internal workflows.


Key features and modules:

  • Support employees in Slack, Microsoft Teams & Google Chat – Give employees instant access to the help and information they need with our smart chatbots. Turn any message into a request and manage them all in one place.
  • Conversational ticketing – Stay on top of employee communication by assigning, prioritizing, and tracking requests in Back. With employee data from Hibob at your fingertips, resolving requests gets even faster.
  • Knowledge & self-service – Let our chatbots handle common questions and tasks for you. By connecting Hibob, employees receive relevant answers based on their role, department, and location. They can even request time off directly from the bot.
  • Workflows & employee journeys – Save time and create consistency with automation. Start an onboarding journey when an employee is added to Hibob, auto-assign requests to the right person, send forms automatically, sync requests with Jira tickets, and much more.


Integration with HiBob

After setting up the integration between Back and Hibob, you can:

  • see employee data from Hibob (hire date, department, manager, etc.) when responding to internal requests in Back
  • deliver targeted answers through Back’s chatbots, based on data like role, department, and location; and
  • Use your Hibob profile data to make employee journeys smarter (e.g. by automatically sending a growth budget request to the supervisor)


Steps to connect Back with Hibob:

  1. Log into Hibob, click on your initials or photo in the top right corner, and choose “API Access”.
  2. If you haven’t generated a token yet, press “Generate token” and create a new one. Otherwise, copy your existing token. Make sure that the token has the Full Employee Read scope enabled in order for us to be able to access the needed employee profile information.
  3. Log into Back, go to the Integrations page ( and click on “Connect” next to Hibob to open the configuration dialogue. 
  4. Enter the token into the configuration dialog and press “Submit” to enable the connection.


You can find more information about the integration in this help center article